Safe Flea Control For Your Dog

Your dog will most likely have fleas if it goes outside, which means  that regular flea treatments are essential for your dog’s health and comfort and for your comfort, resulting in less stress for your pets and their humans.

Kill existing fleas on your dog – Use the MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER® shampoo at least once a month.  This amazing home remedy will kill the existing fleas on your pet, and leave it with a healthy glossy coat.  This is the same effective remedy that kills mites that cause mange.  Learn more about killing mites and healing mange from our website by clicking here    GO TO LEARN ABOUT MITES & MANGE.

Remember DO NOT treat puppies less than 4 months old with this remedy for fleas or mange.

Sorry, folks, but we know of nothing that will keep the fleas from coming back unless your home is completely flea free and your pet never goes outside.  Our remedy is not a drug and does not repel fleas.  That is why regular treatment to kill the fleas on canines is essential for everybody’s comfort, at home or in the kennel.

The cost is only $20.00 to download and print the recipe and instructions for this  make-it-yourself remedy for sensible flea control. You download it and print it from your own computer at home.  There is no waiting and we don’t ship anything to you.  The recipe comes with all the necessary instructions of what to buy, how to mix it, and the procedures for using the shampoo on your pet or pets.  It’s great for both home and kennel, and can be used safely on puppies four months and older.

Depending on your dog’s habits and where it wanders, we recommend regular flea control, and that you bathe your dog every 2 to 4 weeks using the MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER® shampoo.

It will kill any existing fleas on your dog without harsh chemicals, drugs or pills from the vet, and no liquids that sting when you apply them to your pet, no sprays that are hard to control and can frighten your pet, and no stinky salves.

Our Remedy will not deter fleas from coming back.

Because you give your dog a bath regularly anyway and for safe affordable flea control, bathe your dog with the MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER® shampoo to control fleas.  This do-it-yourself-at-home method of flea control is very inexpensive, simple, easy and effective.  It will also prevent an infestation of mites that may have jumped onto your pet from some other animal.  Any new mites will be killed before they can get established.  This shampoo also keeps your pet’s coat healthy and glossy.

Keep your dog and you happy and comfortable without a serious flea problem. It’s especially important to control fleas if you have more than one pet

You then have the recipe for life.  Now that’s a deal!  All you need to do is buy the ingredients at the store and mix the shampoo yourself at home or kennel any time you need it.  If you lose the recipe, just email us and we’ll send you another copy.

You’ll enjoy your dog not scratching at fleas.