Rat And Silverfish Pest Control

Rat Control

It may seem like a problem especially created for you. But the truth is, rats are a nuisance everywhere. Food accessibility is what commonly attracts them to homes. Therefore, it would do you good to keep garbage bins closed and work areas free of crumbs. Keeping your yard and outdoor area clean of debris would also be a good preventive step against rat infestation.

A Threat To Your Health

It is a known fact that rats are not just unsightly to look at but also a threat to your well being. The list of diseases spread by rats is quite long and some are lethal. You, your family and your workmates could suffer from gastrointestinal problems, neuropathy and cardiac arrest if the rat population in your area is not controlled!

Prevention Better Than Cure

Rats usually climb up your drain pipes, make their way into your kitchen and nest. So it is advisable to check them regularly for signs of rat entry. Any opening near the drains should be covered at least by strong metal mesh.

Long Term Solution

Getting rid of your rat problem is as simple as making a phone call. Sure, you have the above precautions as initial intervention. But getting a pest control team to inspect, suppress amd eliminate rats inside or outside your house would produce better and more lasting results. Adam’s pest control have years of experience in dealing with rats and have the latest technology to get it done fast. We will respond to your calls promptly and successfully control whatever degree of rat infestation you are suffering from.

Silverfish Pest Control

The name silverfish can be quite misleading. Some of us might believe it be an exotic fish that would make a great  pet and should be kept in an aquarium! The reality is, the silverfish are among the most common house pests and are also known as carpet sharks. Their name is owed to their fish like appearance and the fact that their grey body tends to shine and appear like silver under light.

How Does Silverfish Affect Humans

Silverfish are considered pests by virtue of their capability to destroy human property. From buildings to carpet to beddings and stored products, pest silverfish can cost home and business owners valuable investments. It is because of this that a solution to silverfish infestation is required.

Permanent solution

An effective and permanent pest solution can easily be acquired from a professional pest controller. Adams Pest Control is one of the popular and reliable pest control service provider in Australia that can be consulted about silverfish pest problems. If you are having difficulties your home or office of silverfish, then call us up right now. We’ll put an end to your worries immediately.