Organic Dog Food

Contrary to what we have been led to believe, feeding a dog commercially available dog food is not a healthy choice to feed to your dog day in and day out.

Imagine eating the same thing day after day with no break in the monotony.

It’s no wonder that dogs develop allergies to these foods and cannot tolerate eating them after awhile.

What ends up happening in the long run is that your dog develops skin rashes, itchy skin, and a general aversion to their own food!

If you notice that your dog is having a lot of bowel movements and they are not solid, or your dog is vomiting often, it could be because of the very food that you are feeding to your dog.

This does not mean that you should feed your dog table scraps, because often “people food” is not good for dogs either. You do have some other choices aside from commercial dog foods.

Organic dog food is a good option.

Basically organic dog food contains no preservatives, fillers or flavoring. None of these additives are necessary in your dog’s food, it is simply added in to keep the food “fresh” while it sits on the store shelf for endless months.

Your dog may not be able to digest or process many of these ingredients and this is when the problems begin.

When you examine the ingredient list of a commercial dry dog food, you should look for proteins that are named, such as a specific type of meat.

Avoid unnamed food products, including “by products” and bone meal.

Look for foods that contain whole grains and fruits and vegetables instead of grain remnants and fractions or overly processed, milled flours, etc. Stay away from any foods that have non specific listed ingredients and coloring.

While organic dog food can be a lot more expensive, it is certainly a better option nutritionally for your dog. You can be reassured that your dog is actually getting some real nutrition from the food that you are feeding him and not just fillers and preservatives.

By products do not have any real nutritional value, so if a specific meat is not listed as the first ingredient on the packaging, it is not even worth taking your wallet out.