How to choose the best ultra sonic pest repellents: tips, features, bestsellers – If you are looking for a method to keep mice and insects such as mosquitoes away from your home, probably the use of a repellent may be the best method to avoid the use of expensive pest control services or the use of dangerous chemical traps. Mouse traps and mosquito traps, flies and other flying insects could also be used, but not everyone likes and looks for a method to repel insects and small animals without necessarily having to kill them. To all these people, I recommend choosing the best ultrasonic repellents, i.e. devices designed to repel parasites thanks to ultrasonic frequencies, frequencies that will create a disturbance to unwanted animals and insects, but not to humans. In the market we can find many different models and types of ultrasonic repellents, to help you make the right choice we have written this guide, where you will find lots of useful information to choose the best ultrasonic repellents.

Before you start with this shopping guide on how to choose the best ultrasonic repellents, how do these devices work? Their operation is able to create a disturbance to flying or ground flying insects and animals such as mice, thanks to the propagation of very high frequency sounds above 20,000 hertz that are not perceptible by humans. These very high-pitched sounds can vary between irritating and deadly depending on the criticality and power of the repellent device in question. All ultrasonic repellent devices are electrically powered and can be plugged into a power outlet or run on battery power. Ultrasonic repellents, however, are not effective with all types of parasites, some insects such as ants are less annoyed by ultrasound and can resist higher frequencies.

What are the advantages of choosing the best ultrasonic repellents? Below is a list of all the pros and cons that you can have from using such a device. Let’s start with the advantages you can get from these devices:

Convenient: Ultrasonic repellents are cheap devices that will save you a lot of money compared to pest control or the use of professional products.
Long life: you’ll never have to replace repellents. Once you’ve purchased a set of these devices, you’ll be able to use them as many times as you want, only in some models you’ll have to think about replacing the batteries.
Safer than chemicals: If you are worried about exposing your children or pets to toxic substances such as rat poison, you should know that ultrasound devices are not toxic at all and pose no threat to human health.
It can be used anywhere: as long as you have a socket, you can use an electronic repellent almost anywhere in the house and if you use a device with batteries you can also use it outside the house, perhaps at a summer dinner outdoors to keep away mosquitoes and other insects.
Keep unwanted animals and insects away: traps and poison kill pests inside your home and may leave odors caused by decomposition if not removed immediately. Ultrasonic devices, on the other hand, are designed to keep pests out of the house, to keep them away, you won’t kill them if you want to, but you may still not have them inside your home which is what you need.

Easy to use: no configuration is required if you choose the best ultrasonic repellents. Just plug the device in and it will do it all by itself, at most in some ultrasonic repellents you can set different frequencies
So we have seen what the advantages are in choosing the best ultrasonic repellents, now let us look at the disadvantages:

They are not always effective: you can’t always get rid of mice, mosquitoes and so on. In some cases an ultrasonic repellent device may be ineffective under certain conditions.

They don’t work on all parasites: ultrasounds can’t discourage all insects and animals.

Limited range: sound waves are blocked by furniture and house walls, so you may need more devices to better propagate the frequencies in the environment.

Let’s see now what are the various types of ultrasonic repellents we can find on the market. In fact, you can choose the best ultrasonic repellents according to the type of parasite you want to remove, the environment in which it must be used and the power source you want to use in order to work:

  1. Pests: some ultrasonic repellents are designed to ward off and discourage specific types of pests such as insects and rodents, other models are designed to ward off virtually any type of animal that could invade your property, and others are ultrasonic repellents designed to ward off cats, dogs and other types of animals.
  2. Environment: you can choose the best ultrasonic repellents to use outdoors (e.g. courtyard) or indoors (e.g. inside the house). The devices designed for outdoor use are waterproof and can be used to keep animals such as mice, cats, squirrels etc. away. It is not recommended to use a unit designed for outdoor use if the parasite is indoors, otherwise you may not get the desired effect.
  3. Power supply: we can choose the best ultrasonic repellents powered by batteries or by electric socket. The most common models are electrically powered, they are small, non-invasive and easy to power as you just need to plug them into any electrical outlet at home. In case of lack of electrical outlet in the environment where you need an ultrasonic repellent, you can opt for a battery powered model, but in this case you will have to take into account the batteries that will have to be replaced, although we can have some models equipped with rechargeable battery, a real convenience that also leads to a saving in terms of money and less pollution.

We now come to all the factors that need to be taken into account in order to choose the best ultrasonic repellents:

  1. Animals or insects to keep away: An ultrasonic device can’t work miracles. A repellent of this type, will repel a good amount of insects and animals, but not all of them, is certainly not a solution to be considered for a long time because some parasites could get used to these frequencies resisting more easily the annoyance caused by high frequencies, so if you have a serious pest problem at home, you could do a test with models specific to your problem, but it is not necessarily a solution that could work in the long run. An ultrasonic repellent, therefore, should not give great expectations, initially it could work very well depending on the model chosen, but if there are many parasites and animals that have been removed previously, it is not certain that these can not return, perhaps less sensitive than before to the high frequencies of the ultrasonic repellent.
  2. Coverage and power: Ultrasonic repellents need to be able to work in the environment with excellent coverage, so that you can feel all your power with ultrasonic frequencies. A unit incorrectly positioned in the room may not be able to do its job properly due to walls and furniture blocking the frequencies. If you have mice or insects coming into the pantry and you place the ultrasound device outside of it, you may create a minimal disturbance that the animal can tolerate, so you won’t solve any problems. To allow for easier sound propagation, you may need more devices operating in strategic nearby locations to create more noise with the ultrasound. Precisely for this reason, it’s easy to find ultrasound repellents sold in packs of two, four, six and so on, obviously the larger the area to be protected and the more devices you’ll need to have to keep the parasites away.

Now let’s see what are the most important features to consider in order to choose the best ultrasonic repellents:

  1. Frequency variation: We have said before that animals and insects could get used to the frequencies emitted by the ultrasonic repellent in the long term, but to avoid this, you can opt for a variable frequency model. With a frequency variation, it will be much harder for a rodent or insect to get used to it, it will be sooner to change places to go most likely.
  2. Speakers: Ultrasound is emitted from the speakers and each device can also have 3 speakers. To provide you with the best possible coverage, choose a model with multiple speakers.
  3. Electromagnetic technology: we can also choose the best ultrasonic repellents with a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies in order to obtain maximum effectiveness from the device. The electromagnetic technology is in fact very powerful and is able to penetrate walls and other obstacles. The emitted impulses are able to hit the nervous system of domestic parasites.
  4. Pet-friendly setup: Most ultrasound repellents are safe for pets such as dogs and cats (except those chosen to keep them away), but if you’re worried that high frequencies will disturb them, you may opt for a device designed and tested so your 4-legged friends won’t get into trouble. If you also have birds in the house, you should always check in the product specifications that the device is safe and does not cause them any problems or disturbance.
  5. Night light: some devices can mount a small night light, useful to use in places where there is little light and you have to keep mice and insects away. You can also use these devices in the kitchen or basement for example, so that you can keep the room slightly lit without having to turn on the normal light, in this way you will have a device with dual use.

We have therefore seen how to choose the best ultrasonic repellents and what are the most important factors to consider when making the right choice. If you’re now looking for a good product to buy but don’t know where to start in your search, I suggest you take a look at our bestseller list, where you’ll find all the best ultrasonic repellents most popular and sold and you can read the technical specifications and reviews released by those who have already made the purchase and trial of the product.