Flea And Mice Pest Control

Flea Pest Control

Did you know that the bubonic plague that took place in Europe were caused by small insects called fleas? They carried infection from rats to humans and caused severe health deterioration. It was only when all the rats were destroyed in the area that the bubonic plague was contained.

But cats or dog fleas aren’t an exception. They cause as much harm to human beings as they do our pets. These fleas are capable of moving very fast, sucking our blood and reproducing very fast. They are quite relentless and will latch on to their hosts for as long as possible. Typhus is an illness associated to flees. In addition, you may also be afflicted with tapeworms after being bitten by these insects.

So How Do You Control Fleas

To eradicate fleas, your home must be completely disinfected. That can only be done by a professional. We at Adams Pest Control are capable of ridding you of flea infestation permanently. A complete and systematic cleaning of the premises, including furniture, carpet and proper vacuuming are just some of the professional services that we are going to give as part of our standard flea infestation protocol.

Controlling Fleas Permanently

To make your house completely flea-proof, contact us immediately by filling up the form on the right hand side of this page. Adams Pest control is always eager to solve any flea-related problems immediately!

Mice Control

Mice may look cute in Walt Disney movies. But in reality, they can be considered one of the most destructive domestic pests. These unrelenting rodent species will gnaw at anything from hardwood to wires. They are quite capable of causing short circuits and fire if uncontrolled. Some predominant species in Australia include the house mouse, the Norway rat and the roof rat. To keep your abode or your office from being overrun by these fast multiplying creatures, you’ve got to to make a decision as early as now.

How to Control Rodents

Traps, bait, poisoned food and chemicals are just some of the ways you can control rodent infestation. However, it is more sensible to acquire the assistance of pest control professionals so that the measures applied are effective. This is where Adams Pest Control comes in. We at Adams Pest Control are capable of ridding you of unwanted rat colonies with our knowledge in scavenging habits, habitat preferences and rat survival instincts.

Did you know that rats and mice are extremely sensitive? They can detect chemicals present in food traps? This is the reason why they are quite a challenge to eradicate through personal means. Contact us at Adams Pest Control immediately and we’ll take care of all the dirty work. Start by filling up the form on the right hand side of the web page. We are going to come with the best rodent control measures and methods, which are sure to diminish rat infestation in your premises.