Benefits Of Dog Grooming at Home

Any dog that has long hair needs to have it groomed every now and then or even more often depending on the breed.

It is a huge and time consuming chore that needs to be done if you have a long haired dog.

Many people that have these dogs with long hair take their pet to the groomer however you could also do it at home with a little work.

When bath time comes you must remember to use a shampoo and also a conditioner. You must use both because the shampoo removes the dirt and the conditioner will help stop tangles.

Grooming tools that are used for dogs are brushes, combs, and rakes.

You will need these tools to detangle your dog’s hair. By having these tools will also help prevent super tangles in the future.

Brushing your dog’s hair removes dust, dead skin, loose hair, and also tangles dust and pollen particles Etc can be a contributing factor to any allergies your dog may have so in essence by maintaining his coat we are providing some preventative measures regards allergens.

By brushing your dog in the spring and fall helps or encourages shedding of any extra coat. There are special brushes that your groomer will use on your dog. They have shorter and sharper bristles and they cover a large matted area.

Drying the dog’s hair is a must after they have been washed and groomed.

When having your dog groomed a hair drier is a necessity. When the dog’s coat dries quickly this will stop any mattes and tangling, when the hair is still wet.

Hair that is wet will tangle more easily then fur that is dry.

Having a good pair of scissors will help remove the hair around the eyes and in the ears. Some breeds get mattes around the eyes that are caused by discharge this if not kept clean and clear can form the beginnings of an eye infection so it is a good idea to have the hair in this area short preventing this from happening.

Don’t leave your dog’s health and happiness to strangers! Get more ideas for Grooming Your Dog at Home .

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