Bee And Cockroach Removal

Bee Control

Yes, we know that honeybees are Mother Nature’s little helpers and do not naturally bother people unless provoked. However, there have been cases when people were attacked by these docile creatures who sometimes unwittingly set up homes in private estates.

Knowing More About Honeybees

Honeybees can normally be found within hollow trees, beehives, empty holes or any place where they can be left undisturbed. They grow their colonies fast under optimal conditions and are very protective of that. If the honeybees are left undisturbed, they can keep stead in one place for years. So if you have swarms on tree branches in your garden, it is in your best interest to call us immediately. We are equipped and trained on how to appropriately remove and relocate behives so that they do not pose any danger to bystanders.

Proper Honeybees Pest Control

Adams Pest Control applies practical and eath-friendly measures in dealing with honeybee infestation. We do not destroy these insects, only move them somewhere they can thrive and serve their purpose better. If you want people who can correctly and systematically rid your house of honeybees, contact us immediately by filling up the form on the right hand side of this page. We are always eager to provide you of our honeybee pest control services, whenever you need them.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most common domestic pests that plague homes. They have existed side by side with humans for centuries. And for this, cockroaches can also be considered among the oldest of insects, with a history dating back 30 million years.

COckroaches are nocturnal insects and they feed on anything. You can usually find them on garbage dumps, junk heaps and dark crevices. If you have a cockroach infestation, you’ll notice egg pellets in your kitchen drawers and a “musty” smell eminating from hard to reach places.

How Harmful are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are health threats as they are germ and infection carriers. They are also incessant travelers and love to meddle with your things. If you see cockroaches scuttling away in your kitchen late at night, you need to get in touch with professional cockroach control companies like Adams Pest Control pronto. Have us control cockroach infestations in your home as we have been doing for the past 65 years.

Efficient Cockroach Control Procedures

We usually begin our pest control measures by first identifying the species involved and then looking at the source and extent of infestation. We then pick out customized solutions and apply them as recommended. If you want your house cockroach proofed in the best fashion, get in touch with us right away. Just fill the form on the right hand side of the page and Adams Pest Control will be there to get rid of the problem permanently!