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Your dog has mange and you are desperate for relief for your dog and for yourself from the non-stop scratching and awful smell coming from canine mange with the unsightly bald spots and sores?

FRUSTRATED with vet bills, high priced drugs, and smelly messes from using remedies that aren’t very effective?  No costly bills — easy do-it-yourself home remedy. Use the MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER® Remedy.

Because mites cause such terrible itching, your dog scratches until there are open sores on its body.  Then fleas aggravate the sores by feeding on them (yuk), and sometimes the sores get infected.  See your vet if you think your dog’s skin is infected, or if you think it may also have skin allergies or an immune system disorder.

The MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER® Remedy usually stops the itch from the mites after one or two treatments and the healing begins, because it kills the mites that cause mange and kills fleas too and eliminates pesky dog odors.

“The only good mite is a dead mite!”

Once your dog stops scratching, the sores caused by the scratching begin to heal, and the skin and coat start to return to normal from NO MORE MITES!  After repeated treatments and the mites that caused the mange are dead and washed away, you will soon have a mange free pet with a healthy coat again.

Mites cause mange. Kill mites without harm to your pet, the mange will heal. Kill fleas that aggravate the skin damaged by mange, your dog’s coat will soon fully recover. Pesky odors are eliminated.

To Kill mites any substance has to be somewhat toxic, which is true of all mite or flea remedies, otherwise it won’t kill the critters.  We believe the MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER® Remedy works with the least toxicity.

Picture how much better your relationship will be with your dog without all that scratching. What’s left will be a smooth glossy coat that you can enjoy petting again.